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Diesel Fitness

11 Oct 2006

99 Spadina av Toronto, ON M5R 2T1 (416) 595-9900

This was my first 'fancy' gym , so I came with low expectations.

The space itself is really big, and again seems to be an old bank (at least there's a vault in the basement, full of cleaning supplies I found out... dissapointingly not pirate treasure)

A heavy leaning towards yoga and 'body therapies' is undeniable, and a large portion of the floor is devoted to cardio machines.

The space is big and bright, which is a plus, but the 'rockercise' music was grating at best. The eliptical machines here were certainly high tech, but the stride was so short i feel like I'm taking baby steps, no good.

There is a small section of free weights, which was enough, but you definately feel marginalized..

No shortage of lulu lemon clad ladies, which is a plus, depending on your persuasion.

Change rooms are surprisingly ghetto, with poor quality construction in the showers and tiny lockers. towel and lock are included in the price however, so that's ok.

Monthly price is about $100 with membership, ok if your going to be doing a lot of 'spinning' classes i suppose.



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