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Totum Life Science

11 Oct 2006

445 King St W - Suite 101 Toronto, ON M5V 1K4

Second in my run of fancy gyms..


"Totum* re-defines fitness. At Totum, fitness is not about the time in the gym, it's about the rest of your life. "

This was not my experience with it. There are almost no machines, the ones that are there are odd old ropey machines that maybe Arny once used..


There are a number of eliptical machines that once again are made for munchkins, it should be pointed out that each one has a tiny t.v. in front of it, but you have to bring headphones.. I dont' need to watch the news that bad. The machines are all pointed at the wall, so no matter what your doing, your staring at the tiny little t.v.

There was a very strange machine there, that looked like an S&M device... apparently it's pilates related...Something along these lines.

There are ample dumbells, which are fancy with rubber around the weights so you dont crush toes or other important pieces, so that's a plus.The bathroom is basic, but has nice plate sized shower heads straight up, which would provide a 'singing in the rain' sensation if they weren't hyper presurized and creating a prison shower sensation with nasty plastic shower curtains.

Overall, wierd pilates men in lulu lemon, which I suppose is a plus, depending on your persuasion, good use of reggae at 8 a.m. which I appreciate, creepy steam room, prison showers.