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Venice Fitness.

18 Oct 2006

393 King Street WestToronto, On. M5V 3G8

So a martial arts club I used to (maybe i still do) belong to moved into a space where I used to go to boozecans , ironic.

Venice fitness is located in a space I used to go to raves in... also ironic.

I think the universe is telling me something, and that something is 'less parties, more bench press'

Venice fitness is on the second floor, big windows, lots of light. They have attempted to make it .. Venicey? with tiled surfaces and the occasional near-roman water fountain or light fixture. I give it a 2/5 on the venice scale.

Outside of the poor decoration, Venice is a big space with lots and lots of machines (if not super modern) nautilus and hammer, a good amount of freeweights, and that nice springy rubber floor everywhere, so you can drop weights till the romans come home.

They were pushing classes for using this odd weight, which they called a k-weight, which sounds dirty. The weight is basically a shot put with a handle, brightly coloured so it looks like a snorks head.

The staff were friendly, and i got a no-pressure tour of the place.They have a dry sauna (which was off, remember to turn on before workout next time) and 8 showers, but about 3 of these were broken, and the rest were holding on with glue and a hope.Change room was big and bright, with lots of lockers, towels and locks are not included in the price of admission.

I believe the fee is around 55, apparently with no signup fee, so that's a plus.

A good selection of cardio machines, and an inclined situp bench with a different configuration than i've seen before which works really well, I think I've been cheating with my leg muscles on these benches, which explains why i've been using a 20 lb weight to make it harder.




Used the 'hammer weight' machines they have in there, and i'm very impressed, these machines are very much 'lifting heavy pieces of metal' machines, direct and to the point.