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Text append for GTD on windows

05 Nov 2006

I follow 43 folders regularly , and am a big fan of what they do.

After reading the coverage of the quicksilver tool , which essentially allows you to easily append some text to a file, or in GTD terms add an action item to a list. This seemed very handy, and I wasn't able to find an easy to use tool on windows to do the same, so I've written one, and it's called "Monsters GTD".

Monsters GTD allows for quick hotkey based text appending to a text file, below find a quickstart guide.

  1. download the zipped exe

  2. extract the zip file to a location of your choice (perhaps the desktop, or c:\gtd)

  3. run MonstersGTD.exe (from the location you just extracted it to)

4. on launch it will ask you to specify where you would like to keep your lists, (c:\gtdlists for example)

5. The app will launch, with no lists, select 'settings -> add a list'

  1. enter your list name and press 'Create List' (or hit enter)

  1. Your list will be created, and the focus will be in the enter note box, type your note and press 'Append'

  1. that's it, press close. Check your list with notepad to be sure everything worked.

I recomend you setup a hotkey to launch the app, simply create a shortcut for the app on the desktop, get the properties for that shortcut and set the hotkey in the properties dialog. With this done, the key strokes can be

hotkey (ctrl-m for example)

arrow key up/down to select list

tab to notes dialog, enter note

tab to append button, space bar to append

tab to close button, space bar to close

4 key strokes seems pretty good to me.