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tiny little things.

21 Dec 2006

So David Seah does great things , I first noticed his 'printable ceo' which is probably the best time entry interface i've ever seen, by far.

He also does little forms that are just helpful, namely the compact calendar , simply a little excel sheet with a calendar, wallet size, that's great.

I modified mine to include my contacts (an abbreviated version) which fits great on the flip side of the calendar.

A little cutting and folding, and it fits into my wallet like a charm

--edit-- David posted this on his blog (thanks!) and made me feel bad for using a random , not very good image of a cigarette case. So here's pictures of my actual setup.

the calendar nicely tucked into the case, i can re-fold to expose the current month.

When the blackberry dies, i can open out the calendar and there's my contacts on the flip side, handy.

If you do this, the page margins need to be changed to match the calendar, namely .6 header, and 1.3 margins, with a 0 footer.