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Hipster PDA - Budget

27 Dec 2006

So I don't have a full blown Hipster PDA, but I'm a supporter of the concept.

I've been wanting to get my finances under control, and I know the first step towards that is tracking, but how.. Type it in the blackberry, get a palm again, all too 'labour intensive', creates psychic blocks to something I'm already a little afraid to do.

So looking through the DIY planner site , and noticed the budget templates. These were all well and good, so I downloaded this one which was pretty good, but had a 'total' column which doesn't match what i need, was only 1 up, etc...

So here is my adaptation, 4 up in ODG and PDF, i've added a categories column, and category legend (so you only use 1 letter to specify the category) with a couple lines (maybe too small) for entering your own category.

Next I intend to make one that folds inside my wallet, like the previously linked mini calendar..

mini budget