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07 Jan 2007

It's the new year, time to move our 'current files' into the archive.

It's a good change to re-organize your files and documents, find all those errant bills/receipts/tax forms.

Lots of envelopes later, we have a clear 'current' filing cabinet, i got a bunch of new highlighters and sharpies, and we can file this stuff away confident that we'll find it when necessary.

For months I've fretted over all the paperwork that is no use, but has lots of my personal info on it, not the least of which is the 'credit card cheques' they keep sending. I don't want it, but it is essentially a direct line to my credit card. So I bought a cross cut shredder today, it's great and I've been happily shredding for 30 minutes now.

And I bought an inbox.

The Archive!