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The Emergent Task Tracker

22 Jan 2007

I wrote previously about David Seahs emergent task tracker, in short its pretty great.

I have taken the next step, and am actually using it! I'm pretty happy, i think i would modify the form a bit to include client codes, and different colours for different types of tasks, or perhaps days...

I'm putting more than one day on a sheet, so that introduces some issues, and i'm working on a 3x5 version for my fancy new circa binder.

I wont re-write what David has to say , so go here and read about it. In short you write your task on the left, and colour in the little 15 minute interval bubbles, makes time tracking much less onerous to capture, then you just have to worry about it come report time.

Mostly now i just write about David Seah... 8)

I've created some forms and such for tracking exercise at the gym, I'll post those up shortly. They are 3x5 and go into my circa binder.