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Circa / Levenger Notebook System

01 Feb 2007

So I've had my circa 3x5 notebook for a couple weeks now, it's great.

I'm really enjoying making custom forms for it, i've got a workout guide for the gym (always a hassle remembering what i did, and what weight it was at) as well as a partially designed time tracker sheet for it.. In general very happy.

I also got the Pilot G-2 mini pen, fits in the side like a champ, highly recomended. Funnily enough, my search for the G2 turned up a moleskin related site, guess i'm not the only one who thinks they're handy.

My only regret here is that i didn't get a set of blank index card refills, so i've bought blank cards , and can punch them (i got the protable version of the hole punch, much cheaper than the standard) but it's not as nice as the cards allready punched and ready to go.

More to come.


workout 3x5 form