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Yahoo Pipes, what an odd beast.

16 Feb 2007

I'm an RSS proponent , I think it's great. It truly has revolutionized how I use the Internet, while be it a pretty low- key revolution, the ones that stick often are.

I have about 50 rss feeds I use, but most of them are duplications of one another, meta-news is the new news. We report about someone reporting about someone reporting.

A lot of this is caused I think by a 50/50 mix of politeness and fear. Politeness plays in when we want to give credit to someone, so that were not plagiarizing, which makes us somehow more 'reliable' ? Fear in that if we don't give that credit , we'll get a nasty letter from someone with initials after their name. So you get an article on site A, verbatim from site B with a link to site B, and on site B the article is actually just a paraphrasing of an article on site C, with link, etc....

The need for RSS mangement is becoming clear (to those who use RSS) and tool for this start to pop up all over the place, enter Yahoo Pipes

There has been a rush of articles about pipes as of late, so I won't belabor the point, other than to give a simple clear example of how one of my pipes that I find usefull.

Pipes allows you to perform logical operations on rss data, by this I mean simple programmatic functions (if,else,foreach, etc...) , and at first it's hard to think of exactly how this is usefull, but with a bit of thought it becomes evident.

I like my gadgets, as much or more than the next guy, but gadget sites are in a strange and twisted love affair with cell phones that I do not share. So , amalgamate my gadget feeds , and remove cell phones!

Here you can see my pipe built up, engadget and gizmodo feeds added, then I use the union tool to combine them, and lastly the filter tool to filter out any articles that have the words "phone" or "mobile" in them. Very simple, but very useful.


This also suits me fine for just amalgamating, in all honesty I'm not bothered which of these sites points me to a neat toy, I'm intertested in the toy, not who linked to it.

As a point of review, the pipes interface is very advanced DHTML, the connecting lines operate arguably nicer than the ones in Visio, in that they highlight possible points of attachment. As well as that is a debug window at the bottom, allowing you to see the output of any particular node in your pipe.

I think Yahoo has done a really neat thing here.