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Interface Idea for a decision tree

08 Nov 2007

Often we force users to make a series of choices, which is fine, but how do we make it easy for them to keep track of their choices? And how do they know how to change their minds?

A common solution is the cookie trail, which is alright, but its dual purposing from navigation to choice trail never sat right with me.

Playing with some of the iPhone navigation , I got thinking that this would be a good way to do a choice tree, and this is my not very pretty version of that (IANAD), so imagine it all rounded and grey/blue.

The hooks are all in place where this could be tied to some ajax to load the questions/save the choices, but here we have a rough version of the functionality.

Some flickering is present, i understand this can be corrected in scriptaculous, but that's not what I'm here for.
In both of these, make sure and try to change one of your decisions, by clicking it.

Heres one version, which is good for a web interface I think

This version, I think the idea would map to an iphone style interface nicely.