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Facebook without the facebook

21 Feb 2014

The problem

I don't have a facebook account (6 months off the pipe!), but, lots of my favourite companies have facebook pages, like Junction Craft Brewing, so that's an issue.

I consume the internet largely via rss reader (Currently using reeder on IOS, and feedly as the source), facebook does not make it easy to add a PAGE® to your reader, but it can be done.

Anyhow, I wrote a bookmarklet and set it up for either feedly or netvibes, you use it like this (Here's a tutorial on installing bookmarkets)

  1. Drag one of these buttons onto your browsers bookmark toolbar

Facebook To Feedly

Facebook to Netvibes

  1. Go to a facebook page, like Junction Craft Brewing Facebook

  2. click the button, voila.

At that point you should end up in your reader of choice (feedly or netvibes) with the page as a feed.

-- UPDATE 2014.04.15 --

A Video!

YouTube Video